From the beginning – Part 3

‘If I open my eyes to the Truth, all I will see is the Truth’

My Dad, and Me, with Ben

A few weeks before Kieran and I moved to Keswick, I went up there for a few days to secure a job and somewhere for us to live. Keswick is a place where long term accommodation isn’t so easy to find. So I decided to find accommodation and a job in Penrith which is 18 miles away. And then once living in Penrith, I would be able to make plans for us to move to Keswick. Because living locally made it a lot easier to find the illusive accommodation in Keswick, than trying to do it 200 miles away in Nottingham. I found a job in a pub, as a chef. I had taken various catering courses in Nottingham, which came in handy when I was looking for a job. I also managed to secure a small flat for us to live in. So with the job and the flat in place, we were able to move a few weeks later.

While we were waiting to move, I had a phone call from the landlady of the flat I was going to rent. It wasn’t available anymore, but she assured me she had another place that was suitable for us to move into. So I accepted it without seeing it. My brother drove us to Penrith with our belongings. When I got to see the flat that the landlady had assured me was a suitable place to bring up a child, it was anything but suitable. So I couldn’t take it. So now our plans were in chaos. I decided that Kieran and I would stay the weekend in Keswick, so I could think about what to do. I decided we had to return to Nottingham, we didn’t have anywhere to live. So the next morning we left the B&B that we had been staying in, and made our way to the bus station, to get the bus to Penrith, then the train back to Nottingham. As we were walking through the town, I noticed a small shop was open, selling newspapers and sweets. So I bought myself the local newspaper ‘The Keswick Reminder’, and some sweets for Kieran for the journey. As we were walking I flipped the paper over onto the back page, and there in black letters was ‘Room For Rent’. So I phoned the number, and explained my situation. And after viewing the room, a few hours later, we had somewhere to live. I said a silent ‘thank you’ to the universe for helping me and my son. I quickly found a job in Keswick, and so our life there had begun.

It wasn’t easy for both of us in the beginning. It was lonely and uncomfortable. We didn’t know anyone. But slowly as time went on we settled into life there. We both made friends, and we enjoyed the lovely walks and the wonderful nature, that this beautiful town had to offer. A few months after we moved to Keswick, I rented a lovely cottage in Portinscale, and went to work for a local hotel as a Pastry Chef.

I loved my job at the hotel, I really had a flair for breads, cakes, and desserts. I was still struggling with the anxiety and the confusion, but did my best to hide it. When I was on my own I would crumble. I knew there was something I needed to remember but I didn’t know what it was. Things were going really well for Kieran. A local neighbour had asked him if he wanted to help her with her dogs and small holding, where she had horses and pigs. And as it turned out he was a real natural around horses. And so at the age of 10, he decided he wanted to be a Vet.


We lived in the cottage for a few years, then we were offered accommodation that was permanent. Kieran was excelling at school, and had started playing rugby, which he loved. We moved into our new flat, that was only a short walk away from Keswick town. So life was fairly settled. It still had it’s moments of loneliness, confusion and anxiety. But I was happy because my son was doing well, he was working towards his dream to become a vet, which I totally supported him in.

In 2004, I saw an advert for a job in a local shop called ‘The Rock Shop’. It sold crystals, fossils, books, gemstones, and jewellery. I applied for the job and got it. I didn’t realise the impact that this job was going to have on me. Nothing was going to be the same again. It was a very soothing place to work. I learnt about rocks and crystals, which I enjoyed. I got to chat a lot with the customers, it was a very friendly place. But something weird started to happen. Random people would come into the shop and tell me I was a Healer, I insisted I wasn’t. I didn’t even know what being a ‘Healer’ even meant. One day this beautiful woman came into the shop, I think she was Italian. She was just looking at me and smiling, and she said ‘You are Healer’, I said ‘No I am not’, she said ‘Yes you are, and it is time you accepted it’, and then she left the shop.

Over the next few months I read about what an Energy Healer was, and I was adamant I wasn’t one, and if I was I didn’t want anything to do with it. By now it was early 2005, and I had an uneasy feeling that my Dad was going to die. I don’t know why I felt that, I just had a knowing that this would be his last year on this earth. He was a very keen gardener, and I just had this feeling that I wanted to send him flower seeds, so he could plant them in his garden. So week after week I would send him a few packets of seeds. I went to visit him in June for a few weeks, and the garden was just over flowing in beautiful flowers, from the seeds I had sent him. My Mum said the garden had never looked so lovely, and that made me happy. I was glad that I had acted on my intuition to send my Dad all those seeds. He died on New Years Eve 2005.

In early January 2006, I was at work, when this man and his wife came into the shop (Ron and Marilyn). He stood there looking at me, and I thought ‘Oh no not this again’. He told me ‘I was a Healer’, and he asked me to turn around so my back was facing him. He put his hand on the middle of my spine, but not touching my skin, and said ‘ Wow, you are a very strong Healer’, he called his wife over and said ‘ Marilyn, come and feel this’, and she said ‘Oh my gosh’. I talked with Ron and Marilyn for some time about being a Energy Healer, and about doing a Reiki 1 & 2 course. I promised them that I would take the courses. I still didn’t believe I was a Healer, but I thought I will do the Reiki 1 course, and nothing will happen, and I can then tell anyone who mentions that I am a Healer that they were wrong all along. How wrong I was, I was about to turn my whole life upside down, and I didn’t even know it ………….

My Dad and Kieran

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