Letting go

‘Confusion is the Universe saying follow me’

Sometimes in life not everything is meant to be. It doesn’t matter how much we may want something. Letting go of expectation and an outcome, is so very hard to do. If we listen to ourselves in the silence, we do hear the answers. But we may not like what we hear. The one thing I have really learnt in my life is that you cannot control anything, apart from the thoughts in your mind.

I really don’t think much about the future anymore, and what it will be. Instead I take everyday as a new beginning, and what will be will be. It is very freeing when you can just surrender and let go. I have no idea where my life is going, and I am ok with that. I have my work as an Energy Healer and my painted stones. They will take me where I need to go. My destination is unclear, but I trust in the Universe to guide me there.

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