New Beginnings……

‘Every new day gives us the opportunity to change things’

Every new day can be a ‘New Beginning’ if we want it to be. We can change the things we don’t like, we get to choose what we want, and who we want to be. Our lives are not set in stone, but our minds can be. We have the power within us to change our lives, if only we would realise that. Our belief systems, and our self limiting beliefs can cripple us.

If only we realised that our thoughts control everything. Then every new day brings endless possibilities of growth and change. We are the ones in control, change your thoughts, change your life, ‘The thoughts I choose create the live I live’. It is not about living a perfect life, but an imperfect one, that brings you joy, and fulfilment, and is authentic.

Everyday I get to choose how my day pans out. Every morning I sit in my wicker chair by the wood burner. Mug of tea in hand, I reflect on the previous day. Did I go walking with Gracie, did I meditate, was I a kind loving soul, and so on. I spend a lot of time sitting in that chair, contemplating life. I can lose many hours sat in that chair. It is a place that is calm and peaceful, sat there looking out at nature. It is a place that helps me to evaluate my life, and work on the parts of me and my life that require change.

Every new day allows us to make small changes to our lives. Small slow changes, that over time create lasting change, and movement towards the lives we wish to create. So actually, what a wonderful gift we have been given everyday – the gift of ‘New Beginnings’.

5 thoughts on “New Beginnings……

  1. What a lovely post, Eileen. I loved that! You’re so right. With every new day we are blessed with the opportunity to make positive changes to our circumstances. Each day is a reset. It’s the start of a fresh journey. Only we must be patient, like birds, little by little, bit by bit, building our nest of a more productive, happy and joyful life. Because when we chart the course for our journey the smallest of adjustments to the coordinates will make an ocean of difference over time. It takes place in our ❤️ first and then mind before manifesting in the 🌎 around us.

    Every day truly is “the gift of New Beginnings” 🙂

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