Keeping The Light Shining…

‘Integrity turns the light on’

To be a open and honest channel for loving healing energy, I have to keep the light shining within me. And that means I live a life that is simple, basic and without drama, whenever possible. I spend my days working, walking, painting, talking, listening to music, connecting with spirit, and thinking. I think a lot. At least an hour of my morning is sat in my wicker chair by the wood burner. It is a place where I can really connect with spirit. I receive so much information and inspiration sat in that chair. Mainly about work, life and what to write.

Mostly my life revolves around my spiritual work, and my spiritual practices. I didn’t intend it to be that way, it just happened. When it was suggested to me many years ago that I was a Healer, I never realised then what my life was to become. It just feels so natural now, and because of that I have to make sure that I keep my vibration really high, and not to allow anyone or anything to dim my light. Without the light I can’t work, I can’t feel or sense the energies, and I can’t hear spirit.

At sometime during my day I will do a meditation. I like to listen to ‘I am’ Wishes Fulfilled by Wayne Dyer. It is a beautiful meditation that really touches my soul. As soon as I start to listen to it, I feel the energies of my guides all around me. By the time the 40 minutes is up, I feel uplifted and illuminated. And I always feel like I have received a healing session from my guides.

Being out in nature keeps me very grounded. There is something really wonderful about going for a lovely walk surrounded by nature. I love walking in the mountains, by the ocean, or in woods and forests. There is something about the smell of clear mountain air, or the saltiness of the ocean breeze, or the earthy smell of wooded areas, that just fill my heart and soul with peace and light. When I am filled with light I know that I am living an honest and authentic life. Because integrity is what turns the light on.

2 thoughts on “Keeping The Light Shining…

  1. “When I am filled with light I know that I am living an honest and authentic life. Because integrity is what turns the light on”

    I love this. So true. Another lovely article, Eileen 🙂

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