‘Time is the biggest illusion of all’

Time is the biggest illusion of them all. Because time doesn’t exist. We spend our lives rushing around, going from one place to another. Always feeling that we never have enough time. We have to cram everything into our lives, just in case. But the truth is that we will never run out of time.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to just slow down, and take the time to really smell the flowers. To look around you, and see how beautiful our world really is. To stop for a moment to smell the air on a beautiful autumn day.

If you knew that you could never run out of time, that you will never not exist. Would it change the way you lived your life? Would you stop rushing about? Would you spend more time with the people that you love? Would you find the true meaning of yourself, just by being you?

Time is like a flowing river, there is no start, there is no end. Just a continuous flow of water, where it goes who knows. The river never stops flowing, and neither do you.

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