‘Forgiveness sets me free, to love and live again’

Forgiveness, now there is a word most of us struggle with. We hold on to hurt, anger, grievances and grudges. We sometimes feel that if we forgive someone, then we are letting them get away with hurting us, by what they did or didn’t do. But the truth is that forgiveness is about setting us free, and letting go of past hurt and pain.

When we bury our pain or past, it doesn’t go away. It lurks in the background, just waiting to resurface and cause mayhem and even more pain. By facing the pain and going through it, we can come to a place of forgiveness. We are then able to move on in our lives, and build fruitful and loving lives.

If we can view life in terms of us being here as spiritual being who have chosen to come to the earth at this time, to live, love, and to experience as much as we can, in order to learn and grow. Then surely forgiveness is an important part of our lives here.

When you forgive it releases you from the past. When you forgive others you also forgive yourself, because all of us seek forgiveness. To forgive is to live and love again, with freedom, joy, and growth.

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