You are not the story you tell

‘I am playing a part, my story is never about me’

You are not the story you tell. The truth is we all have a story, but it is not really about you. It is a part you play to experience different things, to enable you to evolve to a higher consciousness, and a higher vibration.

We hold on to our story for dear life, it can become a part of us we don’t want to let go. We some how use it as a means of identification. We label ourselves with it. We use it as an excuse for not really living, and we measure our worth and value by it.

If my life had been better………….

If I didn’t have such a bad childhood……….

If only I had got the job I wanted………..

If my family was richer…………

If only my mother loved me……..

And so on, and so on.

We all have difficult lives. I have yet to meet anyone that hasn’t had issues in their lives. It is designed that way. Without conflict there is no growth, and without love there is no growth.

The ebb and flow of life (our story), is a tool to help you to remember who you really are. Your story is part of the game to wake you up to your spiritual self. We can look at our lives as a book, with pages and chapters. And for every lesson, issue or experience we go through, we get to turn the page and move on.

Your story is never about you. It is just a vehicle to take you home.

2 thoughts on “You are not the story you tell

  1. Wonderful, Eileen! How easy it is to get stuck on a difficult chapter, paralysed by the fear of turning the page. So much better to find the courage within and live a life worthy of the richest of libraries, full of the redemptive quality of experience, than it is to be trapped by the past. We may not be the stories we tell but we nevertheless have the power to make them worth reading.

    Merry Christmas to you πŸŽ„ ⭐️ 🎁….

    And a very happy New Year πŸ₯³!!!

    Here’s to 2020 🍾 πŸ₯‚ πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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