The Ego Self

‘When I let go of my Ego, the truth of who I am emerges’

The Ego is the conscious mind, the part of us that is filled with self and self importance. We all have one, some of us have inflated egos, and some of us have humble egos. The ego comes from a place of our self, what we think, and what we believe our reality is. The ego wants us to stand out, to present a false facade to the world. To say look at me I am better than you. It wants to be adored and loved from a superficial level.

The ego is responsible for most of the conflict and pain in the world. A false self that is destructive, envious and at times quite pathetic. While it is important to know your place in this world, to believe in yourself and your gifts and abilities, and to know your value and have a sense of self worth, the ego inflates that self awareness, believing that it is more important that anyone else. The hardest part of being in this world is getting to know yourself. You can go through some really painful times, that you think you will never get through. But when you do, you will find out another piece of yourself. And through every experience more pieces emerge and you shed more layers of the ego.

Albert Einstein says it perfectly –

‘More the knowledge, lesser the ego,

Lesser the knowledge, more the ego.’

The more knowledge you have about yourself, the world, and the universe, the smaller the ego. Because you realise we are all the same, we are all connected, we all matter and we all bring value to this world, and we all have our own unique place and purpose in this world. When you drop the ego, you get to know yourself. Life becomes more peaceful and calm. You only look to yourself for the answers, you internalise yourself and the world. You realise that the ego was stopping you from experiencing the world from a different perspective. The ego doesn’t empower you it traps you, it keeps you lost and seeking.

The ego is the biggest attention seeker. When you are looking for outside validation it is your ego talking. When you post a posing picture, looking for attention – saying ‘look at me’, it’s your ego talking. It is an indication that you have much work to do on yourself. That you are externalising instead of internalising. And that you need to get to know yourself better. Do something because it brings you closer to yourself, not because it brings you superficial attention.

The ego self can be a wonderful tool of self discovery and self knowledge. It is the part of us that we have exclusive control over. What and who we show to the world, tells the world who we are and what we are about.We get to choose whether we have a humble ego or an inflated ego. Choose wisely – your health, happiness and well being depend on it……….

2 thoughts on “The Ego Self

  1. Very well said indeed. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the ego is not ‘Us’. That it’s just an outer layer. When we overfeed it, we become disconnected from the things that really matter; we become disconnected from our true selves. Enough nourishment and it will grow into a monster which will consume everything in its wake. But if we feed it with no small measure of humility it can be a great asset, as you write, of self-realisation. I think this ongoing struggle with Self is by far the hardest struggle we’ll have in life, by far the most important, and possibly the only one worth winning.

    Excellent post again, Eileen. One that everyone should read in earnest.

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