Living in the truth

‘The truth will set you free’

Living in the truth, the real truth, of who we are and what this life is about, will set you free. Freedom is the greatest gift the universe can bestow on us. The gift of self knowledge, self awareness, and self reliance. There is no substitute in life for being free and feeling free. But you will never be free until you set yourself free.

Setting yourself free begins with loving and respecting who you are, and by accepting your unique self. Allowing yourself to be authentically you, by doing the spiritual work necessary to find out who you really are. And then not apologising to anyone for being you. You become your own person, you know what is best for you and you only listen to you. You take your place in the world, and you live by grace, love, and kindness.

When you live in the truth and you set yourself free of all the dogma and ideologies, something wonderful happens, you finally shed the layers of self and ego. You still go through life and it’s issues, and yes at times life sucks. But you cope much better because you know why certain things happen, and why it is necessary to go through life and it’s lessons.

The biggest obstacle to setting yourself free is the ego. Our egos like to keep us trapped. We like the image we portray to the world, and we like the identity our ego gives us. We think it allows us to stand out in the world, and it means we are a winner in other peoples eyes. But actually the need to win can drain you of your power. There is no competition in this life, we are all equal, it is only our ego that tells us differently.

Being and living a life that is filled with freedom allows you to create the life that you choose. The life that brings you joy, contentment and fulfilment. A life where you are not whistling to someone else’s tune, but dancing to the beat of your own drum. The truth will set you free, go seeking and you will find it.

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