Our Fearful Souls

‘There is nothing to fear but fear itself’

– Franklin D Roosevelt –

What is it that keeps us fearful? Why do we let fear grip our lives? Always fearing the worst. And when fear takes hold nothing else matters. We imagine all sorts of things and scenarios that are going to happen. But what if we stopped for a moment and really thought about what is going on.

Who is in control? Is it them, or is it us? We give our power away so easily, and we allow others to control our lives. And we do that because we don’t really think for ourselves, and we believe everything we are told. We have become accustomed to not seeking the truth, because it is easier to let others tell us what the truth is. To know the truth is to know thy self, it really is that simple. Unless you know what the absolute truth is question everything, and seek the answers for yourself. Don’t always fall into the trap of always believing that they always want the best for you because they don’t. They know to create fear and panic means they have got you and you are easier to control because you will look to them to sort it out, instead of dealing with it yourself.

Ask yourself this, who benefits from all the panic and hysteria right now? Is it you? I doubt it. Being fearful doesn’t change a thing, it just creates more fear and confusion. Keep calm and carry on, and arm yourself with reality and the truth. Do your own research and empower yourself with the truth. Don’t buy into the media hype and frenzy right now because it is designed to keep you fearful. Create a crisis and watch the population crumble and give into fear. Remember FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.

2 thoughts on “Our Fearful Souls

  1. Very well said, Eileen! Never let others control you through fear. It’s the oldest tactic in the book. So, I suggest that everyone switches off that hypnotic screen in the corner, switch off you phone, take a deep breath and leave the theatre. We don’t have to watch the current production if we don’t want to. And it is exactly that: a production. Watching it comes at a price.

    Thank you Eileen 😊. For washing away the nonsense with your well written and grounded common sense xx

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