Reset and Reconnection

‘Out of the darkness comes the light’

Mulranny Beach

I went to the beach yesterday, it was a beautiful spring day. The beach and the ocean were peaceful, calm and tranquil. A place of great beauty and wonderful inspiring energy. I sat on a bench overlooking the ocean, just watching the calmness of the water and the waves. And as the sun was warming my face, I thought about the chaos engulfing the world with Covid-19.

Everything is so uncertain right now, schools have closed, people have been laid off from their jobs, and most businesses have shut their doors for the next few months at least. But here at the beach, there was a wonderful sight to behold. Despite all the confusion and fear in the world right now, the beach was awash with families, couples, and individuals all enjoying the beautiful sunshine, and the beautiful location. There was no panic, fear or confusion here just adults, children and their dogs, all enjoying their time with each other at the beach. It was a place for togetherness and joy. It was a wonderful reminder that when things and life can seem dark there is always light, we just have to look for it and it can be found.

Our lives don’t stop because of a virus, we still have to live and make the best of things. When you think about it, we control very little in our lives. The one thing we can control is our thoughts. If we can become conscious of our thoughts and understand that what we think becomes a reality, then we have the power within us to create the immediate world we live in. What we allow into our minds can manifest into the physical. So, it is more important than ever at this time that we don’t buy into the panic and the fear of what is happening in the world right now.

Perhaps this is a time for a reset and a reconnection for all of us to really work out what matters most in our lives. Over the coming months we will have more time to spend with our families, friends and neighbours than we probably have ever had before. A time of getting to know one another again. Before the shutdown people’s lives were so busy, everyone living at such a fast pace, never having enough time. Well time is plentiful now, and we have the opportunity to re-evaluate our lives and make any positive changes that are necessary that we couldn’t make before.

Covid-19 is a horrible virus but through the darkness comes the light. And when this is over will our lives be changed forever? Will we do more of the things that matter and less of the things that don’t? Will we realise how important we are to one another? How family, friends and neighbours all make up our lives, and how connected we all really are. The light has gifted us the opportunity of resetting and reconnecting our lives to one another, how fortunate we are to be given such a life renewal gift.

Mulranny Beach

9 thoughts on “Reset and Reconnection

  1. Beautiful, thank you πŸ˜‰ We went down to the river today to gather more rocks and to leave some of our painted ones. I sent some to family and friends as well. Again I thank you.
    I do hope this virus changes things for the better around the world. I’ve always been a homebody and am enjoying the stillness……….

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  2. I miss the beach . It’s one of my happiest places of solitude but Cops are randomly pulling over cars heading out of their cities & yes, trying to do my part of home quarantine . I hope it will be over soon as Summer is something my family and I are looking forward to. It is sad time as our kinds can’t go back to school till next school year if ever COVID-19 is over. Be safe πŸ™

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