There is nothing to Fear

‘You have to make peace with death. Once you don’t fear death, you don’t fear anything’

What is it that you fear? Really ask yourself that question. Is it death? Is it life? Is it being you the real you? Is it seeing your loved ones die and not know where they have gone? What is the fear that drives you, that stops you from really enjoying and engaging in your life right now?

Now ask yourself this question what if fear didn’t consume you? How would and could your life be different? What if you didn’t fear death or the death of your loved ones because you instinctively knew that when we leave this earth we are only leaving this dimension and that we carry on; we are infinite consciousness. You have to make peace with death. Once you don’t fear death, you don’t fear anything.

Fear stops us from living our lives, from being who we really are. We allow fear to become our friend, but it is anything but your friend. It is there to cripple you, and to stop you from realising your true potential of who you are and what you can be and achieve. Fear zaps your energy, it lowers your vibration, it allows fearful thoughts to consume your brain, and so the cycle repeats and repeats.

Fear has no place in our lives. We do not need to fear anything. Love is what sets us free. Freedom allows us to experience all there is. Being free is our birthright, we have just forgotten because society dictates the way we should be, the way we should behave, the way we should live and the way we should think. Society wants us to fear everything, it wants us to have no personal power, it wants us to be crippled with fear in all aspects of our lives, because then we are easier to control, we will do as we are told, and we will think the way society wants us to think.

Breaking free of a society controlled through fear is not easy because it means going against the grain, it means thinking and doing for yourself. But you are here to do just that, you are so more powerful than you could ever imagine. The power always lies within you. Stop being afraid, there is nothing to be afraid of. Find that greatness within you, let yourself shine, because when you do that nothing can touch you. Fear only feeds off your insecurities, and when you stop feeling insecure the fear has nothing to feed on. When you feel powerful and know your own worth and strength you are your own master, and as your own master you make decisions that benefit you. And if all of society did that what a wonderfully awakened world we would live in………….

The Classroom of Life

‘What I learn from this helps to create a brighter future’

With everything that has been happening in the last few weeks our whole lives have been thrown up into the air. Everything we took for granted has gone or changed. Most of the time we plod on through life without a moment’s thought about how our lives work and how the lives of others work. We are so connected to each other and we didn’t even realise it. It takes a crisis like this to wake us up to the fact that not only is our life important, but so is everyone else’s. All of our lives work in unison, we are all part of each other’s puzzle. And if some of the puzzle pieces go missing, it affects us all.

We generally take everything for granted, we never really stop to think about the other people that make up our lives, people that we don’t even know. Right now, we are all being given lessons in ‘The Classroom of Life’, whether we like it or not.

HEALTHCARE – Makes you realise how important a Healthcare system is. This virus is affecting everyone, rich or poor, so we all need access to healthcare. Being treated shouldn’t depend on how much money you have. We are all worthy and we all matter. Healthcare should not be for sale, it should never be a business where the sick and dying are part of a profit margin.

DEPENDENCE – We are all dependent on one another, our lives can’t function without each other. From healthcare workers, retail workers, warehouse workers, council workers etc, we are all vital to each others lives. What you earn is not a precursor to respect. In our society we seem to value someone more the higher their salary, and someone less because their salary is lower. We should value and respect everyone, from the person that picks the vegetables in a field to the doctor that saves your life. Each person and their job is part of the puzzle of life, and for life to be harmonious all the puzzle pieces need to fit together. No one puzzle piece is more important that the other.

FREEDOM – We didn’t realise what it was to be free before it was taken away. Being on lockdown makes us yearn for the days when we could do as we pleased. Trips to shops to buy whatever we wanted, trips to the beach, even just a trip out in the car on a Sunday afternoon with a picnic, oh how right now we yearn for that. Being free is a fundamental need for a human being, and I believe once this is over we will never take our freedom for granted again.

MONEY – How many of us put money above everything else, we believe that money is the be all and end all, the secret weapon to happiness. Right now we have more important things to think about than money. Money is pretty useless when there is no where to spend it, apart from food shops. In ‘The Classroom of Life’ we are being shown how money should never be at the forefront of our lives.

VULNERABILITY – I am sure that many of us will be feeling quite vulnerable, feeling like we don’t have control over our lives. Being struck down with fear and anxiety regarding what the future holds, and worrying about family and friends. Most of the time in life we really can’t control anything. We try so hard to control people and situations, and the truth is we are not in control, we never have been and we never will be. Life happens everyday, we should learn to appreciate and have gratitude for all we have and for the people in our lives. Enjoy life everyday, whatever that day brings into your life. Don’t waste time being angry and a control freak, just go with the flow of life, wherever it takes you.

GRATITUDE – ‘In ‘The Classroom of Life’ during this crisis we are being taught about gratitude. Being grateful for one another. Being grateful that we are being shown how important we all are to each others lives. Being grateful for the down time, to spend with loved ones. Being grateful for having the opportunity to really reflect on life and the importance of life and its opportunities and freedoms. Being grateful because we understand that our time here is limited, and no more will we be put off the things in life that we really want to do. And we will be grateful for the many lessons from ‘The Classroom of Life’.

When this is over and our lives go back to normal – will we ask ourselves – what did I learn from this?

And through the darkness we see the light.

‘And through the darkness the light will shine so bright, that our lives will be changed forever’

We are in uncharted waters at the moment. The world that we know for now has changed. The confusion and the chaos surround us, but, as I look out of my window I see light and beauty everywhere. Spring is upon us. The garden is waking up, and the birds are pairing up. When things look dark, we have to look for the beauty and the light and we can find it. Perhaps it’s time we woke up too.

Our lives had become so busy, so consumed with possessions, wants, and money. We forgot about whats important, we forgot about the simple things in life. We needed someone to push the reset button, and they did. Ours lives had become unbalanced and selfish. We took, took, and took from each other and the universe, and we forgot about giving something back. We got greedy and thought we were more deserving than others, and we needed to be reminded that the universe and it’s gifts are for all not just for a select few.

Our current world view is no longer relevant. Things are changing and they must. We cannot go back to the way things were before. The world that we knew is unsustainable. How many times did we stop and give thanks, and show gratitude for what we have, and for the people we have in our lives. The time we have been given now is a wonderful time for reflection, a time to awaken to ourselves, a time to bring balance back to our lives.

I know there is a lot of darkness around right now, but we have been given a gift, the gift of adjustment. We have to look at our lives and change things. We have to stop and really look at the lives we are really living. The one thing that this down time has exposed is how out of control our world had become. Things needed to change, and change they will. It is time to bring balance back to our lives and the universe.

The reset of our world will bring new opportunities, new ways of living, and we will never take anything for granted again. Through the darkness the light will shine again, and it will shine brighter than it has ever shone before, and we will learn the lessons that we need to learn because our lives have been changed forever.

Reset and Reconnection

‘Out of the darkness comes the light’

Mulranny Beach

I went to the beach yesterday, it was a beautiful spring day. The beach and the ocean were peaceful, calm and tranquil. A place of great beauty and wonderful inspiring energy. I sat on a bench overlooking the ocean, just watching the calmness of the water and the waves. And as the sun was warming my face, I thought about the chaos engulfing the world with Covid-19.

Everything is so uncertain right now, schools have closed, people have been laid off from their jobs, and most businesses have shut their doors for the next few months at least. But here at the beach, there was a wonderful sight to behold. Despite all the confusion and fear in the world right now, the beach was awash with families, couples, and individuals all enjoying the beautiful sunshine, and the beautiful location. There was no panic, fear or confusion here just adults, children and their dogs, all enjoying their time with each other at the beach. It was a place for togetherness and joy. It was a wonderful reminder that when things and life can seem dark there is always light, we just have to look for it and it can be found.

Our lives don’t stop because of a virus, we still have to live and make the best of things. When you think about it, we control very little in our lives. The one thing we can control is our thoughts. If we can become conscious of our thoughts and understand that what we think becomes a reality, then we have the power within us to create the immediate world we live in. What we allow into our minds can manifest into the physical. So, it is more important than ever at this time that we don’t buy into the panic and the fear of what is happening in the world right now.

Perhaps this is a time for a reset and a reconnection for all of us to really work out what matters most in our lives. Over the coming months we will have more time to spend with our families, friends and neighbours than we probably have ever had before. A time of getting to know one another again. Before the shutdown people’s lives were so busy, everyone living at such a fast pace, never having enough time. Well time is plentiful now, and we have the opportunity to re-evaluate our lives and make any positive changes that are necessary that we couldn’t make before.

Covid-19 is a horrible virus but through the darkness comes the light. And when this is over will our lives be changed forever? Will we do more of the things that matter and less of the things that don’t? Will we realise how important we are to one another? How family, friends and neighbours all make up our lives, and how connected we all really are. The light has gifted us the opportunity of resetting and reconnecting our lives to one another, how fortunate we are to be given such a life renewal gift.

Mulranny Beach

The Supermarket Sweep of the Illusive Toilet Paper

‘You can never have enough toilet paper’

– Arse Wipe –

If you go down to the supermarket today you are in for a big surprise. If you go down to the supermarket today you won’t believe your eyes. Because there is panic among those supermarket aisles. The toilet paper zombie apocalypse has begun. Who knew that a simple trip to do the weekly shop has become an assault course of greedy manic shoppers intent on hunting down the illusive toilet roll. Frantically going from aisle to aisle searching for the toilet paper gold. And when they reach the spot where the toilet paper should be, all that can be heard ringing around the supermarket are the cries from a disappointed shopper ‘ Wtf, the greedy bastards have took all the toilet paper’.

Then the real fun starts when the disappointed shoppers start looking around at the other shoppers trolleys, packed full of toilet paper gold. Never mind the ‘coronavirus crisis’ gripping the world, ‘Houston we have a problem’ – ‘the toilet paper crisis. People are losing themselves and their minds and fighting and shouting over bloody toilet paper. I mean come on over toilet paper. What are they doing with this toilet paper? Are they shoving it in every orifice so the coronavirus doesn’t get them. Get a grip people, you don’t need a pallet full of toilet paper in your house, unless you really are a family of arse wipes.

The world isn’t going to run out of toilet paper I promise you. So the next time people you see toilet paper in the shops, just calm down and back away, and please fight the urge to take the whole bloody pallet of toilet paper. We are all in this together and we all need a packet or two of toilet paper in our homes. When the ‘toilet paper crisis’ is over, ask yourself what are you going to do with all that toilet paper blocking up your homes, open a market stall and sell the stuff – Toilet Paper for sale – unused by a greedy manic owner who thought that toilet paper was an endangered species.

Our Fearful Souls

‘There is nothing to fear but fear itself’

– Franklin D Roosevelt –

What is it that keeps us fearful? Why do we let fear grip our lives? Always fearing the worst. And when fear takes hold nothing else matters. We imagine all sorts of things and scenarios that are going to happen. But what if we stopped for a moment and really thought about what is going on.

Who is in control? Is it them, or is it us? We give our power away so easily, and we allow others to control our lives. And we do that because we don’t really think for ourselves, and we believe everything we are told. We have become accustomed to not seeking the truth, because it is easier to let others tell us what the truth is. To know the truth is to know thy self, it really is that simple. Unless you know what the absolute truth is question everything, and seek the answers for yourself. Don’t always fall into the trap of always believing that they always want the best for you because they don’t. They know to create fear and panic means they have got you and you are easier to control because you will look to them to sort it out, instead of dealing with it yourself.

Ask yourself this, who benefits from all the panic and hysteria right now? Is it you? I doubt it. Being fearful doesn’t change a thing, it just creates more fear and confusion. Keep calm and carry on, and arm yourself with reality and the truth. Do your own research and empower yourself with the truth. Don’t buy into the media hype and frenzy right now because it is designed to keep you fearful. Create a crisis and watch the population crumble and give into fear. Remember FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.


‘Karma is always one step ahead, and when the time is right BOOM’

Everything we do is noted, every word, action, thought, feeling and deed is recorded. Every word, action, thought, feeling and deed has consequences. Nothing goes unnoticed, we cannot hide anything. Cause and effect, we create the cause and it takes effect. Everything we do can have a positive and a negative outcome, and our lives are conducted around these simple universal laws.

There are generally four universal laws that we live by, Love and Hate and Positivity and Negativity. And as the saying goes ‘What goes around comes around’. We are all subjected to karma in our lives, and the karma we receive depends on the way we live our lives. Good deeds and actions etc help to create good loving karma, just as bad deeds and actions etc help to create bad karma. As humans we are not perfect and so we create good and bad karma for ourselves, but the secret is, and we all know this, the more we live a loving and positive life, the more loving and positive karma will be attracted to us.

Everything is energy, we are energy, what we do, say, think and feel is transferred into energy that then goes out into the universe to the energetic field and at some stage is sent back to us, ‘Like attracts like’. It is the way of the world, it is the way the universe works, there is no way around it. Whatever we do, say, think or feel we set up a cause and effect chain of events, we may not see the outcome of our actions but the universe does. Every decision we make has universal law consequences.

And that brings me on to ‘Just call me Harry’, formally known as ‘Prince Harry’, and his wife ‘The Duchess of Destruction’. They are an excellent example and role model of what not to do if you don’t want karma to come knocking on your door. They were given the most wonderful of opportunities that most of us could only dream of. They had the world at their feet, a real power couple. They could have been an amazing inspiration to the world, to serve others, making only heart based decisions that could have benefited so many other people less fortunate than themselves. But unfortunately they have chosen to only serve themselves, and they have allowed greed to get the better of them. They have hurt so many people with their actions, and now karma is calling. You can’t expect to crap on people from a great height and not expect there to be consequences. And as Abraham Lincoln’s quote says it so well ‘You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time’.

They genuinely thought they could do whatever they wanted; they were untouchable and ‘Internationally Protected People’. Well, the universe has well and truly come knocking with some karmic lessons. I hope that ‘Just call me Harry’ and ‘The Duchess of Destruction’ will learn their lessons of life, and realise when you are putting negativity out into the world you are lowering your vibration, and what you receive back will be the same. Remember, ‘We attract like for like’. I hope they will also learn that we can always change and bring positive and loving karma into our lives by doing good deeds and by serving others with love and kindness. So, the next time they are given the most amazing opportunities to be inspirations in this world, they take those opportunities seriously and they work for the good of others – because remember, the universe is always watching.