My Life as an Energy Healer

  • My Sweet Valentine

    14th Feb 2020 by

    ‘Til my kiss breaks the hush that makes you mine’ In glow, in murk, in the hours between,When day turns to night and night turns to day.A hearty fire burns hot, though unseen,It draws us onward to Heaven’s stairway.Hoisting sail upon unflinching mast,The wind will carry us through Winter’s gloom.Future is forward behind us is… Read more

  • Living in the truth

    6th Feb 2020 by

    ‘The truth will set you free’ Living in the truth, the real truth, of who we are and what this life is about, will set you free. Freedom is the greatest gift the universe can bestow on us. The gift of self knowledge, self awareness, and self reliance. There is no substitute in life for… Read more

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