Energy Healing

Below is a article about what happens when you book a Energy Healing session with me. Healing appointments are conducted in the clients home or in my mobile healing studio.

Being an Energy Healer

I believe I was born a Healer, it is definitely my life purpose, my reason for being born on this earth at this time. To bring sunshine and light into the world, and raise the consciousness of others. I can see now, how being that little girl of 4 years of age, who used to sneak out of the house, and go ‘walking and talking’, knew what she was doing and why she was here. She was full of light and purpose, and that is when it all began.

Being an Energy Healer, is not about self, but about being of service to others. To be a channel of loving healing energy. To be a trusted friend, a confidant, and above all to be authentic, honest and true.

I think there is often a misconception about what an Energy Healer, can and can’t do. We do not and cannot heal. We act as channels, that allows loving healing energy to flow through our bodies, and then we pass that energy onto our clients, by using our hands, on or above their body. We are the messengers not the message. Once the client receives the energy from the Healer, our jobs as Healers is complete. The clients body decides, along with God/The Universe, or whatever you may wish to call the Life Force Energy, what to do with the loving healing energy, and where in the body that energy goes.

When I am preparing for a healing session with a client. I set an intention that I wish to be the best possible channel to receive the healing energy, and that I may pass it onto my client, in a loving and respectful way. I call in my guides and healing energies. And I ask that my healing space is surrounded and bathed in protection and love. I also ask if the guides and the passed on love ones of the person who is going to be having a healing session, wish to assist me.

When the session begins, my client will lay fully clothed on a massage type table, and I cover them with a blanket, if they wish. It is always my intention that my client feels comfortable and safe. I am a Healer that is very intuitive, and empathetic, and I receive guidance that is clear and precise. No two healing sessions are alike. The healing session is geared around the individual and what they need. Although I completed my Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 training many years ago. The energy that I channel now, is via my guides and energies of light. The Reiki healing training was a stepping stone to the Healer that I am now. And when you really think about it, Reiki is just a word, the healing energies come from God/The Universe, or whatever you identify as Life Force Energy.

A healing session really is a beautiful experience. We all have, busy lives, so it is a wonderful stress reliever. It promotes and aids healing in your body. It can also create a really moving and spiritual experience, where you connect to yourself and the universe. And generally it promotes a sense of well being.

I am always guided by spirit to which part of my clients body they want me to work on. I don’t have any set routine. Spirit guides me and I respond. I also feel the energies that are working with me, and I find that very comforting to know that I/we are not alone. The session generally lasts about an hour, but I don’t clock watch. The client is given the time they need. And I have found that clients really appreciate not being rushed. Generally energy healing and counselling, go hand in hand. When clients come to see me for a healing session, they always want to chat, about their lives and the difficulties they are having. So most healing sessions have both elements, a healing session and counselling.

Although most of my healing sessions are conducted in a healing space, many times they can happen when I am out and about. Guidance can come to me from spirit, at different times and in different settings. I could be out walking in nature, and I am called to comfort someone who has lost their dog. I have been on a ferry travelling, when I have been asked to give a healing session to a lady suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. That was very interesting, finding the Captain of the ship, and explaining to him why I needed a cabin, so that I could conduct a healing session for this lady. I have also been called upon to help a man, again on a ferry, to help him with his life purpose. Life as an Energy Healer is never dull. It is extremely rewarding, and I always feel privileged to be of service to others. Part of being an Energy Healer has meant that I have also learnt to embrace my uniqueness and difference.