My Sweet Valentine

‘Til my kiss breaks the hush that makes you mine’

In glow, in murk, in the hours between,
When day turns to night and night turns to day.
A hearty fire burns hot, though unseen,
It draws us onward to Heaven’s stairway.
Hoisting sail upon unflinching mast,
The wind will carry us through Winter’s gloom.
Future is forward behind us is Past,
Always in season our Love’s flowers bloom.
The stars shine down upon our rosy quest.
In silence they sit high above the ground.
This world attended by such timeless guest;
My world, forever to you it is bound.
‘Til my kiss breaks the hush that makes you mine,
My winged words to you My Sweet Valentine.

By Eddie Black

Living in the truth

‘The truth will set you free’

Living in the truth, the real truth, of who we are and what this life is about, will set you free. Freedom is the greatest gift the universe can bestow on us. The gift of self knowledge, self awareness, and self reliance. There is no substitute in life for being free and feeling free. But you will never be free until you set yourself free.

Setting yourself free begins with loving and respecting who you are, and by accepting your unique self. Allowing yourself to be authentically you, by doing the spiritual work necessary to find out who you really are. And then not apologising to anyone for being you. You become your own person, you know what is best for you and you only listen to you. You take your place in the world, and you live by grace, love, and kindness.

When you live in the truth and you set yourself free of all the dogma and ideologies, something wonderful happens, you finally shed the layers of self and ego. You still go through life and it’s issues, and yes at times life sucks. But you cope much better because you know why certain things happen, and why it is necessary to go through life and it’s lessons.

The biggest obstacle to setting yourself free is the ego. Our egos like to keep us trapped. We like the image we portray to the world, and we like the identity our ego gives us. We think it allows us to stand out in the world, and it means we are a winner in other peoples eyes. But actually the need to win can drain you of your power. There is no competition in this life, we are all equal, it is only our ego that tells us differently.

Being and living a life that is filled with freedom allows you to create the life that you choose. The life that brings you joy, contentment and fulfilment. A life where you are not whistling to someone else’s tune, but dancing to the beat of your own drum. The truth will set you free, go seeking and you will find it.

There is no going back

‘I am all I will ever need’

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but life sucks sometimes. Most of the time life isn’t an easy ride. It can be painful and hard, and if that wasn’t enough people can and will let you down. People sometimes think because you are very spiritual and wise that you have all the answers, that your life is all strawberries and cream, and love and light. Well it’s not. I wish I could say that when you become awakened to the realities of life, that things change for the better. Actually they don’t. In fact your life becomes harder because you know what is out there, and you know all of this reality is just pure nonsense.

You have to learn to really rely on yourself, to really have your own back. Because the chances are most of your friends and family will still be asleep to the realities of life. So you find yourself alone, an outcast, and that is when the real work begins. Once you have opened the box you can’t put it back, authenticity is calling you, and keeps calling until you listen. You soon work out that you have to be all you will ever need.

We are all spiritual people, just most of us don’t realise that, and the ones that do carry the burden of knowledge. Never really feeling like you fit in, because for the most part you don’t. We live in a society that is fake, and is built on lies and greed. When you know the truth about life how do you fit into that. I think one of the hardest parts of living in this world is to be really honest with yourself about how your life is going to be. I knew that by being authentically me I would lose friends and family. It can be a heavy price to pay for living in the truth.

I didn’t realise how much I would lose, and if I am honest there is a part of me that had I known what the price was for my awakened state, I would have kept the lid on the box shut. The world owes you nothing. We are here to create our lives, and through a lifetime we start over many times. I have had to start my life again, without many of the people that I love, because they turned their back on me. Does it mean you should become angry and bitter? No. It means becoming the opposite of what you receive, you forgive and you continue to love them. And in time you see that, that is real spiritual growth. But sometimes, just sometimes you wish for the life you had before.

There is no going back, you can only move forward in your life, and deal with whatever life throws at you. The only person that you can really rely on is you, and the only person you will ever need is you.

When life gets tough

‘Resistance is futile’

When life gets tough, it is easy to give up, thinking that things will never change. For every tough period, there are also great periods of life. It is how we perceive things that matter and make a difference.

If you always expect the worst you will get the worst. If you ride out the life storm without resisting it, the impact of the storm will have a lesser impact on you. Resistance to life and it’s tough times really is futile. It is better to just ride the stormy wave of life and surrender and accept it.

We forget that good and bad times are here to teach us life lessons. So if we viewed our life from that perspective, our life here could and would look very different. Remember nothing lasts forever. The flow of life has peaks and troughs, and it is the very reason we exist here in human form. If life was to be wonderful all the time there would be no point in it all.

When life gets tough for me, I just deal with each day. I make lists of things I need to do. Not elaborate lists, just simple things that I need to do to get me through the day, like having a shower, or hovering up my house. I make the lists because it keeps me focused, and I tick the things off one by one as I do them. I am gentle with myself, I don’t put undue pressure on myself. I have learnt that resistance to what is going on is futile. So the saying ‘go with the flow’ is very apt.

It is in those times when we feel that life is at it’s worst, that we grow the most, we find out how resilient and strong we are, we learn that we can weather anything, and at the end of the day we will always be ok.

Sometimes life can seem very cruel and we may want to shout out ‘give me a break’. But by sticking by ourselves and never giving up regardless of how tough things are, we are always rewarded with insight and knowledge.

So when life gets tough for you, settle down and ride that stormy wave of life. Because when the storm has abated, a renewed you will emerge.


‘To be successful you only have to be you’

What is success? What does it mean to be successful? What does it mean to you? Do you want to be successful at all costs? Are you willing to walk all over others to get it, and then when you have achieved it – then what? Do you stand on your pedestal surveying the people and the world below you?

Society tells us we have to be successful. To portray an image to the world. Societal success means lots of money and possessions . You become validated and achieve status and standing in the world – you have arrived. Societal success always comes at a price.

There is nothing wrong in being successful, it is the type of success that matters. To be morally successful in a world driven by fear and greed is not easy. It means going against the grain, and not buying into society’s flawed ideals of what society tells you, who you should be, and what you should be.

Moral success is not measured by wealth or possessions, it is measured by the impact you have on the world and on other human beings, and on the impact you have on yourself. It is about revealing your true self, and your unique gifts and abilities to the world. Are you a positive influence, do you treat others and yourself with kindness, love, and compassion? Do you think and lead with your heart? Do you bring your gifts and abilities to the world in a positive and loving way? Do you serve others or are you here to just serve yourself? The impact you have on another person is one of the most important aspects of our lives here, it really is the only currency that matters.

How many of us believe that only money brings success, and means you are successful. To know what success means to you, ask yourself why you do something. It is for the money, the adulation, for the praise, or do you do it from your heart to give something wonderful to the world. Making heart based decisions about what you want to achieve in this world, may seem overly sentimental. We are taught to always make decisions from our minds, devoid of emotions. Because from the moment we are born, we are viewed as commodities, and an income stream. We are only supposed to be here to strive for bigger and better things.

In a society that is built on fear, appearances matter. You must buy into having a successful job, and all the trappings, otherwise you are viewed as a failure. It doesn’t matter how you get there, who you destroy and discard to achieve societal success, but get there you must. The question is, is it really worth it, do you ever really achieve success that way? Aren’t you forever chasing the carrot on the stick, never ever catching it? Does that kind of life ever bring fulfilment and contentment?

We have a situation at the moment being played out in the media involving Meghan Markle and Harry. Two individuals who are intent on being successful and wealthy at any cost. Both intent on destroying each others families to get it. Is that really success, to gain so much, but to cause immeasurable pain to others to achieve it. And as this situation continues to play out over the coming months and years, what price will they pay, to themselves and to their relationship, in their pursuit of societal success?

What if you just stopped for a moment and really thought about life. What if you started to make heart based decisions. Would you view your life and yourself differently? Can you imagine a society, a world, not built on fear and greed, but built on love. All of us making heart based decisions about ourselves and our lives. Each of us here to bring our unique gifts and talents to the world. We are all here for path and purpose, and we are all here to be morally successful in our own right.

Do you care how you achieve your success? Do you want to achieve societal success or moral success? One day in the distant future we will all leave this world, we will all leave a legacy, an imprint of our time here. The decisions and the actions we take can and will influence people for decades to come. What will your legacy be……….?

The Ego Self

‘When I let go of my Ego, the truth of who I am emerges’

The Ego is the conscious mind, the part of us that is filled with self and self importance. We all have one, some of us have inflated egos, and some of us have humble egos. The ego comes from a place of our self, what we think, and what we believe our reality is. The ego wants us to stand out, to present a false facade to the world. To say look at me I am better than you. It wants to be adored and loved from a superficial level.

The ego is responsible for most of the conflict and pain in the world. A false self that is destructive, envious and at times quite pathetic. While it is important to know your place in this world, to believe in yourself and your gifts and abilities, and to know your value and have a sense of self worth, the ego inflates that self awareness, believing that it is more important that anyone else. The hardest part of being in this world is getting to know yourself. You can go through some really painful times, that you think you will never get through. But when you do, you will find out another piece of yourself. And through every experience more pieces emerge and you shed more layers of the ego.

Albert Einstein says it perfectly –

‘More the knowledge, lesser the ego,

Lesser the knowledge, more the ego.’

The more knowledge you have about yourself, the world, and the universe, the smaller the ego. Because you realise we are all the same, we are all connected, we all matter and we all bring value to this world, and we all have our own unique place and purpose in this world. When you drop the ego, you get to know yourself. Life becomes more peaceful and calm. You only look to yourself for the answers, you internalise yourself and the world. You realise that the ego was stopping you from experiencing the world from a different perspective. The ego doesn’t empower you it traps you, it keeps you lost and seeking.

The ego is the biggest attention seeker. When you are looking for outside validation it is your ego talking. When you post a posing picture, looking for attention – saying ‘look at me’, it’s your ego talking. It is an indication that you have much work to do on yourself. That you are externalising instead of internalising. And that you need to get to know yourself better. Do something because it brings you closer to yourself, not because it brings you superficial attention.

The ego self can be a wonderful tool of self discovery and self knowledge. It is the part of us that we have exclusive control over. What and who we show to the world, tells the world who we are and what we are about.We get to choose whether we have a humble ego or an inflated ego. Choose wisely – your health, happiness and well being depend on it……….


In the sunshine in the morning, in the morning of love, the birds sing brightly bringing a message from above,

In the peacefulness that follows my soul connects with yours, and in the shadows of the darkness our hearts go through those open doors,

Who are we that this happens to, where from it all began, but now the silence has been broken in that place where time was lost,

In time from now the sense will come, we will see the meaning of it all, but for now we move on forward to the dawn of yet to come,

Our lives entwined, who knows why, loving, talking and yearning, in the sunshine in the morning, where the birds bring hope and love, If we listen we can hear it, that message from above.

© Eileen Rowley