And through the darkness we see the light.

‘And through the darkness the light will shine so bright, that our lives will be changed forever’

We are in uncharted waters at the moment. The world that we know for now has changed. The confusion and the chaos surround us, but, as I look out of my window I see light and beauty everywhere. Spring is upon us. The garden is waking up, and the birds are pairing up. When things look dark, we have to look for the beauty and the light and we can find it. Perhaps it’s time we woke up too.

Our lives had become so busy, so consumed with possessions, wants, and money. We forgot about whats important, we forgot about the simple things in life. We needed someone to push the reset button, and they did. Ours lives had become unbalanced and selfish. We took, took, and took from each other and the universe, and we forgot about giving something back. We got greedy and thought we were more deserving than others, and we needed to be reminded that the universe and it’s gifts are for all not just for a select few.

Our current world view is no longer relevant. Things are changing and they must. We cannot go back to the way things were before. The world that we knew is unsustainable. How many times did we stop and give thanks, and show gratitude for what we have, and for the people we have in our lives. The time we have been given now is a wonderful time for reflection, a time to awaken to ourselves, a time to bring balance back to our lives.

I know there is a lot of darkness around right now, but we have been given a gift, the gift of adjustment. We have to look at our lives and change things. We have to stop and really look at the lives we are really living. The one thing that this down time has exposed is how out of control our world had become. Things needed to change, and change they will. It is time to bring balance back to our lives and the universe.

The reset of our world will bring new opportunities, new ways of living, and we will never take anything for granted again. Through the darkness the light will shine again, and it will shine brighter than it has ever shone before, and we will learn the lessons that we need to learn because our lives have been changed forever.

Our Fearful Souls

‘There is nothing to fear but fear itself’

– Franklin D Roosevelt –

What is it that keeps us fearful? Why do we let fear grip our lives? Always fearing the worst. And when fear takes hold nothing else matters. We imagine all sorts of things and scenarios that are going to happen. But what if we stopped for a moment and really thought about what is going on.

Who is in control? Is it them, or is it us? We give our power away so easily, and we allow others to control our lives. And we do that because we don’t really think for ourselves, and we believe everything we are told. We have become accustomed to not seeking the truth, because it is easier to let others tell us what the truth is. To know the truth is to know thy self, it really is that simple. Unless you know what the absolute truth is question everything, and seek the answers for yourself. Don’t always fall into the trap of always believing that they always want the best for you because they don’t. They know to create fear and panic means they have got you and you are easier to control because you will look to them to sort it out, instead of dealing with it yourself.

Ask yourself this, who benefits from all the panic and hysteria right now? Is it you? I doubt it. Being fearful doesn’t change a thing, it just creates more fear and confusion. Keep calm and carry on, and arm yourself with reality and the truth. Do your own research and empower yourself with the truth. Don’t buy into the media hype and frenzy right now because it is designed to keep you fearful. Create a crisis and watch the population crumble and give into fear. Remember FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.