The Classroom of Life

‘What I learn from this helps to create a brighter future’

With everything that has been happening in the last few weeks our whole lives have been thrown up into the air. Everything we took for granted has gone or changed. Most of the time we plod on through life without a moment’s thought about how our lives work and how the lives of others work. We are so connected to each other and we didn’t even realise it. It takes a crisis like this to wake us up to the fact that not only is our life important, but so is everyone else’s. All of our lives work in unison, we are all part of each other’s puzzle. And if some of the puzzle pieces go missing, it affects us all.

We generally take everything for granted, we never really stop to think about the other people that make up our lives, people that we don’t even know. Right now, we are all being given lessons in ‘The Classroom of Life’, whether we like it or not.

HEALTHCARE – Makes you realise how important a Healthcare system is. This virus is affecting everyone, rich or poor, so we all need access to healthcare. Being treated shouldn’t depend on how much money you have. We are all worthy and we all matter. Healthcare should not be for sale, it should never be a business where the sick and dying are part of a profit margin.

DEPENDENCE – We are all dependent on one another, our lives can’t function without each other. From healthcare workers, retail workers, warehouse workers, council workers etc, we are all vital to each others lives. What you earn is not a precursor to respect. In our society we seem to value someone more the higher their salary, and someone less because their salary is lower. We should value and respect everyone, from the person that picks the vegetables in a field to the doctor that saves your life. Each person and their job is part of the puzzle of life, and for life to be harmonious all the puzzle pieces need to fit together. No one puzzle piece is more important that the other.

FREEDOM – We didn’t realise what it was to be free before it was taken away. Being on lockdown makes us yearn for the days when we could do as we pleased. Trips to shops to buy whatever we wanted, trips to the beach, even just a trip out in the car on a Sunday afternoon with a picnic, oh how right now we yearn for that. Being free is a fundamental need for a human being, and I believe once this is over we will never take our freedom for granted again.

MONEY – How many of us put money above everything else, we believe that money is the be all and end all, the secret weapon to happiness. Right now we have more important things to think about than money. Money is pretty useless when there is no where to spend it, apart from food shops. In ‘The Classroom of Life’ we are being shown how money should never be at the forefront of our lives.

VULNERABILITY – I am sure that many of us will be feeling quite vulnerable, feeling like we don’t have control over our lives. Being struck down with fear and anxiety regarding what the future holds, and worrying about family and friends. Most of the time in life we really can’t control anything. We try so hard to control people and situations, and the truth is we are not in control, we never have been and we never will be. Life happens everyday, we should learn to appreciate and have gratitude for all we have and for the people in our lives. Enjoy life everyday, whatever that day brings into your life. Don’t waste time being angry and a control freak, just go with the flow of life, wherever it takes you.

GRATITUDE – ‘In ‘The Classroom of Life’ during this crisis we are being taught about gratitude. Being grateful for one another. Being grateful that we are being shown how important we all are to each others lives. Being grateful for the down time, to spend with loved ones. Being grateful for having the opportunity to really reflect on life and the importance of life and its opportunities and freedoms. Being grateful because we understand that our time here is limited, and no more will we be put off the things in life that we really want to do. And we will be grateful for the many lessons from ‘The Classroom of Life’.

When this is over and our lives go back to normal – will we ask ourselves – what did I learn from this?

Reset and Reconnection

‘Out of the darkness comes the light’

Mulranny Beach

I went to the beach yesterday, it was a beautiful spring day. The beach and the ocean were peaceful, calm and tranquil. A place of great beauty and wonderful inspiring energy. I sat on a bench overlooking the ocean, just watching the calmness of the water and the waves. And as the sun was warming my face, I thought about the chaos engulfing the world with Covid-19.

Everything is so uncertain right now, schools have closed, people have been laid off from their jobs, and most businesses have shut their doors for the next few months at least. But here at the beach, there was a wonderful sight to behold. Despite all the confusion and fear in the world right now, the beach was awash with families, couples, and individuals all enjoying the beautiful sunshine, and the beautiful location. There was no panic, fear or confusion here just adults, children and their dogs, all enjoying their time with each other at the beach. It was a place for togetherness and joy. It was a wonderful reminder that when things and life can seem dark there is always light, we just have to look for it and it can be found.

Our lives don’t stop because of a virus, we still have to live and make the best of things. When you think about it, we control very little in our lives. The one thing we can control is our thoughts. If we can become conscious of our thoughts and understand that what we think becomes a reality, then we have the power within us to create the immediate world we live in. What we allow into our minds can manifest into the physical. So, it is more important than ever at this time that we don’t buy into the panic and the fear of what is happening in the world right now.

Perhaps this is a time for a reset and a reconnection for all of us to really work out what matters most in our lives. Over the coming months we will have more time to spend with our families, friends and neighbours than we probably have ever had before. A time of getting to know one another again. Before the shutdown people’s lives were so busy, everyone living at such a fast pace, never having enough time. Well time is plentiful now, and we have the opportunity to re-evaluate our lives and make any positive changes that are necessary that we couldn’t make before.

Covid-19 is a horrible virus but through the darkness comes the light. And when this is over will our lives be changed forever? Will we do more of the things that matter and less of the things that don’t? Will we realise how important we are to one another? How family, friends and neighbours all make up our lives, and how connected we all really are. The light has gifted us the opportunity of resetting and reconnecting our lives to one another, how fortunate we are to be given such a life renewal gift.

Mulranny Beach

When Families Fall Apart……

‘Love Liberates’

Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy and togetherness for families, but the sad reality is for a lot of families it is a time of conflict. Differing beliefs, egos, ideas, opinions, all of us jostling for position, to matter, to be heard, can all cause family conflict.

We can put status, and affluence above simple love and family ties. Instead of seeing each other as individuals, each with our own strengths, weaknesses, issues and fears, we expect everyone to live up to our own ideals and ideologies. We forget that we are all different just doing our best, trying to make our way in the world, and make sense of it all.

Our differences in our personalities, our belief systems, our desires, and wants for our own lives, is what brings variety and growth for each of us. Differences in each other can allow us to see things in a new light, which we may not have seen before. We are not all meant to be the same, but we come here for the common good of each other – if only we could see that.

We are all responsible for the way we behave. Only each individual can control their conduct, their thoughts and their behaviour. Love is the core of everything. We are only here to love each other, be respectful, show compassion, and be kind to one another. Everything else is just smoke and mirrors – the layers of self that need to be shed.

It is not that we don’t have a strong family foundation to begin with. It’s just the differences and belief systems are outweighing that very foundation. We must learn to respect each other’s beliefs and life choices, and not to impose our beliefs and life choices on anyone else. It is not acceptable to believe that we are right, and they are wrong.

When families fall apart, ask yourself, what is important, what really matters. Is it our ego self, or is it the basic concept of love and togetherness, and the sharing of each other’s lives, regardless of anything else that really has no substance or merit. The way back to harmony for any family is to love, accept, respect, and not to judge each other. Only then can a family truly heal.