There is nothing to Fear

‘You have to make peace with death. Once you don’t fear death, you don’t fear anything’

What is it that you fear? Really ask yourself that question. Is it death? Is it life? Is it being you the real you? Is it seeing your loved ones die and not know where they have gone? What is the fear that drives you, that stops you from really enjoying and engaging in your life right now?

Now ask yourself this question what if fear didn’t consume you? How would and could your life be different? What if you didn’t fear death or the death of your loved ones because you instinctively knew that when we leave this earth we are only leaving this dimension and that we carry on; we are infinite consciousness. You have to make peace with death. Once you don’t fear death, you don’t fear anything.

Fear stops us from living our lives, from being who we really are. We allow fear to become our friend, but it is anything but your friend. It is there to cripple you, and to stop you from realising your true potential of who you are and what you can be and achieve. Fear zaps your energy, it lowers your vibration, it allows fearful thoughts to consume your brain, and so the cycle repeats and repeats.

Fear has no place in our lives. We do not need to fear anything. Love is what sets us free. Freedom allows us to experience all there is. Being free is our birthright, we have just forgotten because society dictates the way we should be, the way we should behave, the way we should live and the way we should think. Society wants us to fear everything, it wants us to have no personal power, it wants us to be crippled with fear in all aspects of our lives, because then we are easier to control, we will do as we are told, and we will think the way society wants us to think.

Breaking free of a society controlled through fear is not easy because it means going against the grain, it means thinking and doing for yourself. But you are here to do just that, you are so more powerful than you could ever imagine. The power always lies within you. Stop being afraid, there is nothing to be afraid of. Find that greatness within you, let yourself shine, because when you do that nothing can touch you. Fear only feeds off your insecurities, and when you stop feeling insecure the fear has nothing to feed on. When you feel powerful and know your own worth and strength you are your own master, and as your own master you make decisions that benefit you. And if all of society did that what a wonderfully awakened world we would live in………….

Our Fearful Souls

‘There is nothing to fear but fear itself’

– Franklin D Roosevelt –

What is it that keeps us fearful? Why do we let fear grip our lives? Always fearing the worst. And when fear takes hold nothing else matters. We imagine all sorts of things and scenarios that are going to happen. But what if we stopped for a moment and really thought about what is going on.

Who is in control? Is it them, or is it us? We give our power away so easily, and we allow others to control our lives. And we do that because we don’t really think for ourselves, and we believe everything we are told. We have become accustomed to not seeking the truth, because it is easier to let others tell us what the truth is. To know the truth is to know thy self, it really is that simple. Unless you know what the absolute truth is question everything, and seek the answers for yourself. Don’t always fall into the trap of always believing that they always want the best for you because they don’t. They know to create fear and panic means they have got you and you are easier to control because you will look to them to sort it out, instead of dealing with it yourself.

Ask yourself this, who benefits from all the panic and hysteria right now? Is it you? I doubt it. Being fearful doesn’t change a thing, it just creates more fear and confusion. Keep calm and carry on, and arm yourself with reality and the truth. Do your own research and empower yourself with the truth. Don’t buy into the media hype and frenzy right now because it is designed to keep you fearful. Create a crisis and watch the population crumble and give into fear. Remember FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.