Living in the truth

‘The truth will set you free’

Living in the truth, the real truth, of who we are and what this life is about, will set you free. Freedom is the greatest gift the universe can bestow on us. The gift of self knowledge, self awareness, and self reliance. There is no substitute in life for being free and feeling free. But you will never be free until you set yourself free.

Setting yourself free begins with loving and respecting who you are, and by accepting your unique self. Allowing yourself to be authentically you, by doing the spiritual work necessary to find out who you really are. And then not apologising to anyone for being you. You become your own person, you know what is best for you and you only listen to you. You take your place in the world, and you live by grace, love, and kindness.

When you live in the truth and you set yourself free of all the dogma and ideologies, something wonderful happens, you finally shed the layers of self and ego. You still go through life and it’s issues, and yes at times life sucks. But you cope much better because you know why certain things happen, and why it is necessary to go through life and it’s lessons.

The biggest obstacle to setting yourself free is the ego. Our egos like to keep us trapped. We like the image we portray to the world, and we like the identity our ego gives us. We think it allows us to stand out in the world, and it means we are a winner in other peoples eyes. But actually the need to win can drain you of your power. There is no competition in this life, we are all equal, it is only our ego that tells us differently.

Being and living a life that is filled with freedom allows you to create the life that you choose. The life that brings you joy, contentment and fulfilment. A life where you are not whistling to someone else’s tune, but dancing to the beat of your own drum. The truth will set you free, go seeking and you will find it.

The Ego Self

‘When I let go of my Ego, the truth of who I am emerges’

The Ego is the conscious mind, the part of us that is filled with self and self importance. We all have one, some of us have inflated egos, and some of us have humble egos. The ego comes from a place of our self, what we think, and what we believe our reality is. The ego wants us to stand out, to present a false facade to the world. To say look at me I am better than you. It wants to be adored and loved from a superficial level.

The ego is responsible for most of the conflict and pain in the world. A false self that is destructive, envious and at times quite pathetic. While it is important to know your place in this world, to believe in yourself and your gifts and abilities, and to know your value and have a sense of self worth, the ego inflates that self awareness, believing that it is more important that anyone else. The hardest part of being in this world is getting to know yourself. You can go through some really painful times, that you think you will never get through. But when you do, you will find out another piece of yourself. And through every experience more pieces emerge and you shed more layers of the ego.

Albert Einstein says it perfectly –

‘More the knowledge, lesser the ego,

Lesser the knowledge, more the ego.’

The more knowledge you have about yourself, the world, and the universe, the smaller the ego. Because you realise we are all the same, we are all connected, we all matter and we all bring value to this world, and we all have our own unique place and purpose in this world. When you drop the ego, you get to know yourself. Life becomes more peaceful and calm. You only look to yourself for the answers, you internalise yourself and the world. You realise that the ego was stopping you from experiencing the world from a different perspective. The ego doesn’t empower you it traps you, it keeps you lost and seeking.

The ego is the biggest attention seeker. When you are looking for outside validation it is your ego talking. When you post a posing picture, looking for attention – saying ‘look at me’, it’s your ego talking. It is an indication that you have much work to do on yourself. That you are externalising instead of internalising. And that you need to get to know yourself better. Do something because it brings you closer to yourself, not because it brings you superficial attention.

The ego self can be a wonderful tool of self discovery and self knowledge. It is the part of us that we have exclusive control over. What and who we show to the world, tells the world who we are and what we are about.We get to choose whether we have a humble ego or an inflated ego. Choose wisely – your health, happiness and well being depend on it……….

You are not here to be popular…

‘I am enough, just as I am’

Contrary to what society and the media would have you believe, you are not here to be popular. We live in this fallacy that somehow being or wanting to be popular means we are ok, we are acceptable, we are worthy and so on. We expect others to give us our self worth, our value, and our self esteem. When we give our power over to others we can only expect failure and disappointment.

We set up social media accounts, and we do our best to get as many likes and followers as we can, because that means we are popular, we are liked, so everything in our world is wonderful. Except it’s not, is it? We are the instigators of our lives. How we feel about ourselves cannot be validated by external means. Self worth, self respect, and self esteem, can only be achieved by internal processes, by how we feel about ourselves, and the way we speak to ourselves.

You are here to be you, whoever you are. You are meant to live your life the way you choose, not the way others choose for you. No amount of likes and followers will give you self fulfilment or self acceptance. Looking for others to validate the very person you are, instead of being your own best friend, is like using a sticking plaster. Sooner or later it will fall off to reveal your vulnerable self, that then continues to seek external validation, and so the cycle repeats and repeats.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is to realise that only you have the power to validate yourself, no one else can do it for you. Only you walk in your shoes, so why would you give your power away to others. If you really think about it, what does it mean to be popular? Why would you allow others to tell you that you are good enough, that you look good enough. You are not here to be popular or liked you are here to be just you.

If you are a person that seeks the approval of others, the best advice I can give you is, get to know yourself, work on your self development, meditate, listen to hypnotic cd’s to reprogram your mind of all the negative chat. Stop looking for approval on social media, and be your own best friend. When you stop buying into this popularity contest, then you truly become free, because external approval becomes unnecessary.

We made it through the rain

‘This adventure we call life’

Another year goes by, with it’s twists and turns, and ups and downs. How has it been for you? What did you learn about yourself? Did you triumph over adversity? Did you crash and burn, only to rise from the ashes? Did you find that part of you that you felt was missing? Or did you find out who has your back, and who you can count on?

Life, what is this life we have been given. We never know do we – what lies ahead, what is to come. That is probably a good thing. We have to let each day unfold, in this adventure we call life. It is not easy living everyday, but live we must.

What gets me through each day is gratitude. Being grateful for all I have, and not focusing on what I don’t have. I think about the joy and the love I have in my life, I don’t focus on the pain and the loss. I am but a very simple girl at heart. I don’t have big wants and desires. With me less is more. I love the simple things in life, nature, walking and talking, special friends, my son and my two granddaughters.

2019 has been an amazing year. As I sit in my wicker chair next to my wood burner, mug of tea in hand, I think about all that has gone before this year. What I have achieved, what needs work, and what is still left to do. I took up painting – which still amazes me. I started this Blog – which I love. I met someone very special. A new granddaughter was born this year. And new spiritual truths continue to be revealed to me. So a real year of transformation and change for me.

We made it through the rain. Somehow we survive, we flourish and we carry on to another year, another adventure of life. What’s in store for 2020 – who knows, but, you can be sure it will be full of promise, challenges and love. Here’s to the next instalment of life…….

When Families Fall Apart……

‘Love Liberates’

Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy and togetherness for families, but the sad reality is for a lot of families it is a time of conflict. Differing beliefs, egos, ideas, opinions, all of us jostling for position, to matter, to be heard, can all cause family conflict.

We can put status, and affluence above simple love and family ties. Instead of seeing each other as individuals, each with our own strengths, weaknesses, issues and fears, we expect everyone to live up to our own ideals and ideologies. We forget that we are all different just doing our best, trying to make our way in the world, and make sense of it all.

Our differences in our personalities, our belief systems, our desires, and wants for our own lives, is what brings variety and growth for each of us. Differences in each other can allow us to see things in a new light, which we may not have seen before. We are not all meant to be the same, but we come here for the common good of each other – if only we could see that.

We are all responsible for the way we behave. Only each individual can control their conduct, their thoughts and their behaviour. Love is the core of everything. We are only here to love each other, be respectful, show compassion, and be kind to one another. Everything else is just smoke and mirrors – the layers of self that need to be shed.

It is not that we don’t have a strong family foundation to begin with. It’s just the differences and belief systems are outweighing that very foundation. We must learn to respect each other’s beliefs and life choices, and not to impose our beliefs and life choices on anyone else. It is not acceptable to believe that we are right, and they are wrong.

When families fall apart, ask yourself, what is important, what really matters. Is it our ego self, or is it the basic concept of love and togetherness, and the sharing of each other’s lives, regardless of anything else that really has no substance or merit. The way back to harmony for any family is to love, accept, respect, and not to judge each other. Only then can a family truly heal.

You are not the story you tell

‘I am playing a part, my story is never about me’

You are not the story you tell. The truth is we all have a story, but it is not really about you. It is a part you play to experience different things, to enable you to evolve to a higher consciousness, and a higher vibration.

We hold on to our story for dear life, it can become a part of us we don’t want to let go. We some how use it as a means of identification. We label ourselves with it. We use it as an excuse for not really living, and we measure our worth and value by it.

If my life had been better………….

If I didn’t have such a bad childhood……….

If only I had got the job I wanted………..

If my family was richer…………

If only my mother loved me……..

And so on, and so on.

We all have difficult lives. I have yet to meet anyone that hasn’t had issues in their lives. It is designed that way. Without conflict there is no growth, and without love there is no growth.

The ebb and flow of life (our story), is a tool to help you to remember who you really are. Your story is part of the game to wake you up to your spiritual self. We can look at our lives as a book, with pages and chapters. And for every lesson, issue or experience we go through, we get to turn the page and move on.

Your story is never about you. It is just a vehicle to take you home.


‘Forgiveness sets me free, to love and live again’

Forgiveness, now there is a word most of us struggle with. We hold on to hurt, anger, grievances and grudges. We sometimes feel that if we forgive someone, then we are letting them get away with hurting us, by what they did or didn’t do. But the truth is that forgiveness is about setting us free, and letting go of past hurt and pain.

When we bury our pain or past, it doesn’t go away. It lurks in the background, just waiting to resurface and cause mayhem and even more pain. By facing the pain and going through it, we can come to a place of forgiveness. We are then able to move on in our lives, and build fruitful and loving lives.

If we can view life in terms of us being here as spiritual being who have chosen to come to the earth at this time, to live, love, and to experience as much as we can, in order to learn and grow. Then surely forgiveness is an important part of our lives here.

When you forgive it releases you from the past. When you forgive others you also forgive yourself, because all of us seek forgiveness. To forgive is to live and love again, with freedom, joy, and growth.