‘Karma is always one step ahead, and when the time is right BOOM’

Everything we do is noted, every word, action, thought, feeling and deed is recorded. Every word, action, thought, feeling and deed has consequences. Nothing goes unnoticed, we cannot hide anything. Cause and effect, we create the cause and it takes effect. Everything we do can have a positive and a negative outcome, and our lives are conducted around these simple universal laws.

There are generally four universal laws that we live by, Love and Hate and Positivity and Negativity. And as the saying goes ‘What goes around comes around’. We are all subjected to karma in our lives, and the karma we receive depends on the way we live our lives. Good deeds and actions etc help to create good loving karma, just as bad deeds and actions etc help to create bad karma. As humans we are not perfect and so we create good and bad karma for ourselves, but the secret is, and we all know this, the more we live a loving and positive life, the more loving and positive karma will be attracted to us.

Everything is energy, we are energy, what we do, say, think and feel is transferred into energy that then goes out into the universe to the energetic field and at some stage is sent back to us, ‘Like attracts like’. It is the way of the world, it is the way the universe works, there is no way around it. Whatever we do, say, think or feel we set up a cause and effect chain of events, we may not see the outcome of our actions but the universe does. Every decision we make has universal law consequences.

And that brings me on to ‘Just call me Harry’, formally known as ‘Prince Harry’, and his wife ‘The Duchess of Destruction’. They are an excellent example and role model of what not to do if you don’t want karma to come knocking on your door. They were given the most wonderful of opportunities that most of us could only dream of. They had the world at their feet, a real power couple. They could have been an amazing inspiration to the world, to serve others, making only heart based decisions that could have benefited so many other people less fortunate than themselves. But unfortunately they have chosen to only serve themselves, and they have allowed greed to get the better of them. They have hurt so many people with their actions, and now karma is calling. You can’t expect to crap on people from a great height and not expect there to be consequences. And as Abraham Lincoln’s quote says it so well ‘You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time’.

They genuinely thought they could do whatever they wanted; they were untouchable and ‘Internationally Protected People’. Well, the universe has well and truly come knocking with some karmic lessons. I hope that ‘Just call me Harry’ and ‘The Duchess of Destruction’ will learn their lessons of life, and realise when you are putting negativity out into the world you are lowering your vibration, and what you receive back will be the same. Remember, ‘We attract like for like’. I hope they will also learn that we can always change and bring positive and loving karma into our lives by doing good deeds and by serving others with love and kindness. So, the next time they are given the most amazing opportunities to be inspirations in this world, they take those opportunities seriously and they work for the good of others – because remember, the universe is always watching.