My Sweet Valentine

‘Til my kiss breaks the hush that makes you mine’

In glow, in murk, in the hours between,
When day turns to night and night turns to day.
A hearty fire burns hot, though unseen,
It draws us onward to Heaven’s stairway.
Hoisting sail upon unflinching mast,
The wind will carry us through Winter’s gloom.
Future is forward behind us is Past,
Always in season our Love’s flowers bloom.
The stars shine down upon our rosy quest.
In silence they sit high above the ground.
This world attended by such timeless guest;
My world, forever to you it is bound.
‘Til my kiss breaks the hush that makes you mine,
My winged words to you My Sweet Valentine.

By Eddie Black


In the sunshine in the morning, in the morning of love, the birds sing brightly bringing a message from above,

In the peacefulness that follows my soul connects with yours, and in the shadows of the darkness our hearts go through those open doors,

Who are we that this happens to, where from it all began, but now the silence has been broken in that place where time was lost,

In time from now the sense will come, we will see the meaning of it all, but for now we move on forward to the dawn of yet to come,

Our lives entwined, who knows why, loving, talking and yearning, in the sunshine in the morning, where the birds bring hope and love, If we listen we can hear it, that message from above.

© Eileen Rowley