In the sunshine in the morning, in the morning of love, the birds sing brightly bringing a message from above,

In the peacefulness that follows my soul connects with yours, and in the shadows of the darkness our hearts go through those open doors,

Who are we that this happens to, where from it all began, but now the silence has been broken in that place where time was lost,

In time from now the sense will come, we will see the meaning of it all, but for now we move on forward to the dawn of yet to come,

Our lives entwined, who knows why, loving, talking and yearning, in the sunshine in the morning, where the birds bring hope and love, If we listen we can hear it, that message from above.

© Eileen Rowley


In the stillness of the morning, in the stillness of time, I hear the universe, and it is all mine,

When the world is flowing, and we are connected as one, let the passage of knowing, and a sense that we belong,

We may not understand it, and we may fight against it, but life should be harmonious when the light is lit within it,

Remember who we are for we are not mere mortals, but special enlightened beings on a journey that has just begun,

When our time here is over and we go home, we will look back on the stillness of the morning, and realise that our lives are always one.

© Eileen Rowley

Who are you……

‘Tame your mind, open your heart’

New Year, New You. I know we hear it every year, but this new year is different. It is the year to find out who you really are, why you came to this earth, what your path and purpose is.

What is your passion, what fires you up, what shines your light. If money was no object what would you do. Don’t listen to the chitter chatter in your mind, listen to the messages in your heart. Your mind lives in the fear, your heart lives in the love. Fear destroys, love creates.

This year do things differently, take risks, expand yourself. You can’t keep doing the same things expecting a different outcome. Risk being seen, go against the grain. The only acceptance you need is from you, and only you can complete you.

So who are you, why are you here?

We made it through the rain

‘This adventure we call life’

Another year goes by, with it’s twists and turns, and ups and downs. How has it been for you? What did you learn about yourself? Did you triumph over adversity? Did you crash and burn, only to rise from the ashes? Did you find that part of you that you felt was missing? Or did you find out who has your back, and who you can count on?

Life, what is this life we have been given. We never know do we – what lies ahead, what is to come. That is probably a good thing. We have to let each day unfold, in this adventure we call life. It is not easy living everyday, but live we must.

What gets me through each day is gratitude. Being grateful for all I have, and not focusing on what I don’t have. I think about the joy and the love I have in my life, I don’t focus on the pain and the loss. I am but a very simple girl at heart. I don’t have big wants and desires. With me less is more. I love the simple things in life, nature, walking and talking, special friends, my son and my two granddaughters.

2019 has been an amazing year. As I sit in my wicker chair next to my wood burner, mug of tea in hand, I think about all that has gone before this year. What I have achieved, what needs work, and what is still left to do. I took up painting – which still amazes me. I started this Blog – which I love. I met someone very special. A new granddaughter was born this year. And new spiritual truths continue to be revealed to me. So a real year of transformation and change for me.

We made it through the rain. Somehow we survive, we flourish and we carry on to another year, another adventure of life. What’s in store for 2020 – who knows, but, you can be sure it will be full of promise, challenges and love. Here’s to the next instalment of life…….

You are not the story you tell

‘I am playing a part, my story is never about me’

You are not the story you tell. The truth is we all have a story, but it is not really about you. It is a part you play to experience different things, to enable you to evolve to a higher consciousness, and a higher vibration.

We hold on to our story for dear life, it can become a part of us we don’t want to let go. We some how use it as a means of identification. We label ourselves with it. We use it as an excuse for not really living, and we measure our worth and value by it.

If my life had been better………….

If I didn’t have such a bad childhood……….

If only I had got the job I wanted………..

If my family was richer…………

If only my mother loved me……..

And so on, and so on.

We all have difficult lives. I have yet to meet anyone that hasn’t had issues in their lives. It is designed that way. Without conflict there is no growth, and without love there is no growth.

The ebb and flow of life (our story), is a tool to help you to remember who you really are. Your story is part of the game to wake you up to your spiritual self. We can look at our lives as a book, with pages and chapters. And for every lesson, issue or experience we go through, we get to turn the page and move on.

Your story is never about you. It is just a vehicle to take you home.


‘Forgiveness sets me free, to love and live again’

Forgiveness, now there is a word most of us struggle with. We hold on to hurt, anger, grievances and grudges. We sometimes feel that if we forgive someone, then we are letting them get away with hurting us, by what they did or didn’t do. But the truth is that forgiveness is about setting us free, and letting go of past hurt and pain.

When we bury our pain or past, it doesn’t go away. It lurks in the background, just waiting to resurface and cause mayhem and even more pain. By facing the pain and going through it, we can come to a place of forgiveness. We are then able to move on in our lives, and build fruitful and loving lives.

If we can view life in terms of us being here as spiritual being who have chosen to come to the earth at this time, to live, love, and to experience as much as we can, in order to learn and grow. Then surely forgiveness is an important part of our lives here.

When you forgive it releases you from the past. When you forgive others you also forgive yourself, because all of us seek forgiveness. To forgive is to live and love again, with freedom, joy, and growth.

Wake Up……..

‘Wake up to the Truth of the Lies’

We come to this earth as spiritual beings. Our purpose here is to have a human experience, and part of that experience is to wake up to who we are. It is not enough to remember and understand, we need to experience life, in all it’s flaws, to really grasp and learn our life lessons for spiritual growth.

But life is full of artificial distractions, that want to stop you from realising your true self. We live lives in an external fashion. Always looking outside of ourselves for validation of who we are. We become addicted to social media, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. We chart our lives on an artificial platform, taking selfies in different poses, hoping to find meaning in our lives, and to make sense of them.

When we really believe and accept our reason for being here, it becomes easy to remember that this reality is just an illusion. A made up stage of our own production. We are the players, and we decide what parts we play. Some parts are joyous, and other parts are dark. But at the end of the production we get to go home, to our real home. So knowing all this, doesn’t it make sense to rejoice in the limitless possibilities of life. And to not be bogged down by fear and trepidation of the life we are living.

Taking risks is what life is all about. And not settling and staying comfortable because it is the easy route. Sometimes we have to get comfortable being uncomfortable. We control our destiny to a point. So isn’t it better to have lived and lost, than to never have lived at all. Our lives are like meandering paths. It doesn’t matter what path you take, because, although our experiences are different, the end result is the same. And all paths lead back to source.

Fear is restricting, but love liberates. Choose love every time, and make heart based decisions, based on what you want to achieve in your life. Dare to be really you, because that is why you are here. The power always lies within you. Look up from the screen and see the world around you. Connect with yourself first, and then with others, and see the beauty in all things. And remember why you came here, to live, to experience, to love, and to wake up to the divine blessing that you are.