Tree-spired Stones

My Painted Stones

I like to paint stones, mainly tree inspired, hence Tree-spired. I never really thought I was the creative type, I know I am an Energy Healer, but painting just wasn’t on my radar. I painted years ago with my son when he was small, but since then – nothing.

About 8 months or so ago, I suddenly had this desire to paint, it kept popping into my head. I dismissed it at first, but then I found myself checking out paint brushes and paint on Amazon, so I decided to buy some. So the desire to paint was getting stronger and stronger, but I had no idea what I was going to paint. The universe soon provided the answer.

I was out walking one morning in Keswick with my dog Gracie. I was walking over the suspension bridge on the way to Portinscale. I just happened to look down and at my feet was a painted stone that said ‘You Matter’. I was feeling a little down that morning, and to see the brightly painted stone lifted my mood, and the seed was firmly planted into my heart.

So I set about collecting stones from the local riverbed, and I started to paint. I now mainly paint trees and inspirational words. I leave the stones in beautiful places for others to find, in the hope that they brighten up their day and make them smile, like the stone did on the morning I was feeling down.

But something wonderful happened to me when I started to paint my stones. Suddenly I was filled with such peace and tranquillity, and I wasn’t expecting that. When I am painting I always feel present, I am not thinking about the past or the future, all I am thinking about is what I am painting in that moment. As I have said, I never thought I was a creative person, just goes to show, we all have hidden talents and gifts.

My Painted Stones